At Capstone, we understand property,  and we know that maximizing value demands an integrated approach. Offering a full array of services, we understand your specific needs. Our team includes people with experience in every facet of real estate, making it possible for us to provide clients with a range of creative solutions.

For example: take an investor who wishes to increase the income he is receiving from a property. A traditional solution might be to try to raise rents – at the risk of alienating existing tenants.
At Capstone, we’d explore other options:

  • Are there tax abatement’s that the owner is not taking advantage of?
  • Could his property management contracts be negotiated more favorably?
  • Would a utility retrofit provide significant savings?
  • Would a simple cosmetic upgrade attract tenants willing to pay more?
  • Could adding a big regional or national retailer enhance the worth of the property?

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By taking a multi-disciplinary approach, Capstone gives you a big-picture perspective of your investment. We uncover opportunity – the kind of opportunity that adds value.

  • Our years of experience have taught us how to highlight strengths and anticipate objections. We’ll work with you to identify – and address – problems that may be lowering the value of your property. Our state-of-the-art databases, local knowledge, and national and regional contacts make Capstone the logical choice for owners and investors looking to upgrade their tenant base.
    Capstone’s commercial brokerage team
    specializes in:
    • Leasing – Representing owners, investors, and tenants
    • Sales – Representing both owners and sellers
    • “Troubled properties”- working with REIT and Special Servicers
    • Corporate expansions, relocations, and consolidations
    • Tenant retention
    • Tenant representation
    • Renegotiations/renewals

    Whether your property needs a simple tenant fit-out, a complete interior renovation, a major exterior rehab or a combination of all three, Capstone’s construction management services can save you time and money. We’ll help you define the scope of your project, find qualified vendors to do the work, and make sure the job is done right.

    Services include:
    • Design/Cost Estimating – Develop design and cost parameters for tenant fit-outs, interior renovations, and exterior rehabs.
    • Facility Planning – Provide options for interior space planning.
    • HVAC/Energy and Utility Retrofit Analyses – Recommend actions that can help you reduce the costs of energy and utility upgrades.
    • Project Bidding and Management – Handle the bid-out for all trades, manage the selection process, and act as “clerk of the works”, representing your interests throughout the project.

    Capstone is a valuable asset for investors interested in the acquisition and development of underutilized properties. In addition to managing the financial elements involved in D&A, we can provide the assistance and expertise it takes to keep your project on track from start to finish.

    Capstone experts specialize in:
    • Equity and joint venture formation, debt financing
    • Performing market analysis
    • Designing master plans
    • Obtaining permits and approvals, tax credits, and other property benefits
    • Resolving environmental, zoning, and other regulatory issues
    • Overseeing construction for quality workmanship and through completion

    A well-managed property is the key to maximizing value in any market. Hiring Capstone to provide maintenance and management at your properties can bring peace-of-mind and, often, considerable cost savings. Your Capstone team leader will keep things running smoothly, help tenants stay happy, and if a problem arises, make sure it’s addressed quickly and correctly.

    • Accounting and Reporting – Generate monthly analyses of cash flow, as well as detailed monthly operations activity.
    • Vendor Supervision – Prepare bids, assist in vendor selection, negotiate contracts, and oversee work.
    • Preventative Maintenance – Develop routine schedules, bid work, oversee systems and policies.
    • Insurance & Tax Reviews – Make sure property insurance is complete and up-to-date and that all possible tax credits are being utilized.
    • Capital Planning – Review infrastructure such as roofs, elevators – develop repair/replacement schedules.
    • Building Management System Analysis – Provide a complete energy and electrical assessment with an eye toward maximizing efficiencies, credits, and rebates.
    • Contract Financial Services – Deliver a complete range of customized financial services including accounts payable and accounts receivable.

    Whether it’s determining a property’s “highest and best use”, evaluating the worth of a proposed investment, or understanding how to increase the value of an existing asset, Capstone can provide the tools and expertise to get you the information you need to make the right decision.

    Consulting Services:
    • Market Analysis
    • Asset Evaluations
    • Master Planning
    • Value Enhancement Analysis
    • Investment Analysis
    • Equity Formation Analysis
    • Energy Audits