Business man in front of corporate building in the city.

At Capstone, we understand property,  and we know that maximizing value demands an integrated approach. Offering a full array of services, we understand your specific needs. Our team includes people with experience in every facet of real estate, making it possible for us to provide clients with a range of creative solutions.

For example: take an investor who wishes to increase the income he is receiving from a property. A traditional solution might be to try to raise rents at the risk of alienating existing tenants.
At Capstone, we’d explore other options:

  • Are there tax abatements that the owner is not taking advantage of?
  • Could his property management contracts be negotiated more favorably?
  • Would a utility retrofit provide significant savings?
  • Would a simple cosmetic upgrade attract tenants willing to pay more?
  • Could adding a big regional or national retailer enhance the worth of the property?

By taking a multi-disciplinary approach, Capstone gives you a big-picture perspective of your investment. We uncover opportunity – the kind that adds value.

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